About M. Chanta Bhan

M. Chanta Bhan (aka, Shanta Bhan) is Pakistani-American, born of parents who immigrated from Pakistan to the United States.  Through personal and professional life experience, she has developed an appreciation for the resilient transition strategies that Internationals, immigrants, children of immigrants, and ex-patriates demonstrate.  She seeks to facilitate conversations about cultural adjustment, awareness, sensitivity, and competency by creating an environment in which individuals can share their own stories and experience.  Chanta has an AB in Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures from Barnard College, Columbia University.  She completed an MTS in World Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam) at Harvard University and an MDiv from Harvard Divinity School.  In addition to her work with Global Compass, Chanta is a Spiritual Advisor at Babson College.
Chanta has gained her knowledge and expertise through hospital/hospice chaplaincy and bereavement services.  She has provided consultation and support to staff and clients during suicide interventions and through end of life care.  Through the years, Chanta has worked in spiritual, educational, and healthcare industries.  Her passion involves advocating for the needs of others to create a just power balance.  She has completed humanitarian projects to empower men, women, and children in Latin America, Central Asia, and South Asia.  Some of these international opportunities have included advocacy for those who are in prison without a fair trial, advocacy for children in orphanages, counseling for women who have left situations of domestic abuse, and practical assistance for Internationals who have been involved with various forms of trafficking. At Global Compass, a portion of the profits are used to support a women's empowerment project (Dastak and Gender Development Organization), a drug rehabilitation center (Ibtida), and a maternal fetal health center (Risalpur Health Center) in Pakistan.
Contact Chanta: shanta "at" global-compass.org