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Comfort Foods

In every culture, there are specific foods that are nostalgic and others that bring comfort because of their simplicity and common appeal.  Critical circumstances call for foods rich in nutrients that can combat the harmful effects of environmental stress.  Here is a list of foods/nutrients that boost mood (increase seratonin) and relax the nervous system:
1. Whole grain carbohydrates
2. Vitamin D (manufactured through sun exposure)
3. Olive oil and nuts (omega 3-6-9 fatty acids)
4. Fish (omega 3-6-9 fatty acids)
5. Turkey (l-tryptophan)
6. Spinach (magnesium)
7. Fiber 
8. Water
9. Dark Chocolate (antioxidants)
10.Vitamin B
11.Bananas (l-tryptophan)
12.Warm milk (l-tryptophan)